Market and user research, UI/UX

The redesign of the Danfoss component selection software was part of a consulting project between Johns Hopkins University and Danfoss. The project consisted of analyzing the current market for rooftops units and proposing a solution that would allow the company to increase its market share in the North American region. We studied market data and analyzed customer interviews where we identified a gap between the current software and the usual workflow of the users. Once this opportunity was identified, we made a prototype of the solution that we presented to the company's stakeholders who were quite satisfied with the proposal.


The final proposal consisted of merging two software that the company offered separately and an improvement in the design that makes its use more intuitive for the user.

In order to better present our solution and leave no doubt about its functionalities, we chose to design a high-fidelity prototype. To build this prototype, I used Invisionapp and Photoshop. In total, it required 37 different screens.