Management, UI/UX, Web Development

I founded Mokap with a group of friends in December 2019 to offer local artists the opportunity to make their art known and generate passive income with them. I had the position of CEO, but as in any startup, I had to wear several hats including product designer and web developer. Since I came to the United States, I do not have an active position in the company, however, I work as a business consultant, mainly for the optimization and expansion of operations.

Product Design


At Mokap I was in charge of the product throughout the entire development cycle, from wireframe to working web app. The prototype of the app was built entirely in Adobe XD, both low and high fidelity. Before development, I carried out a usability test with more than 15 potential users, which helped us improve the user experience after several iterations on the prototype.


Project Management

As CEO of the company, I was in charge of the planning and management of resources for development. The team consisted of one back-end and one front-end developer. We used Asana to craft the product roadmap, assign responsibilities and evaluate milestones.